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You hold in your hands a volume that will soon be considered a landmark of trade journalism; a single issue so momentous that it puts even mainstream classics like Rolling Stone’s first “Women In Rock” double issue and Entertainment Weekly’s thought-provoking “What Is Cool?” cover to shame. This here mag isn’t just another issue of Club Systems, it’s a guidebook, a moment in time, and a first-ever. Because in profiling all the Club World Award nominees, ALL 68 OF THEM, we’ve also taken an all-inclusive snapshot of the American nightclub industry circa January 2003 – what it looks like, the technology it’s using, the music it’s dancing to, and the places that are its hubs. And that has never been done before at any time.
The winners of the Club World Awards will be determined by an independent panel of expert judges (we’ll reveal them next month) and announced on March 26 during our Club Show in Las Vegas. The Club Show is (of course) another first-of-its-kind, an exhibition for nightclub professionals including an exhibit hall, panel discussions, and big-time parties at night. You must know this drill by now…but if you don’t,
I knew before I took on the challenge of this issue and the Club Show project as a whole that I’d need help, and I enlisted it in the form of the lovely, charming, and utterly brilliant Daphne Carr. She willingly submerged herself in this industry, to the point where she could contextualize the importance of a turntable and see the “big picture” of foam effects even better than a vet like me. Thank you, Daphne.
May the success stories in this issue spark countless million-dollar ideas, and let our nominees know in a permanent way that their efforts and creativity have not gone unnoticed.

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Kerri Mason
Club Systems International

68 nominations in 16 categories revealed and profiled!

The nightclub industry is host to some of the boldest artists, savviest businesspeople, grandest venues, and most advanced technologies in the world. But until now, they’re never had a forum in which to be recognized as such. With the Club World Awards, Club Systems is creating that place where clubbing greatness gets its due. The nominee pool detailed in the following pages not only recognizes the worthy, it also plots the American club industry’s position as we head into this fourth millennial year.

Best Superclub

Best Club

Best Lounge

Best New

Best Sound

Best Lighting

Best Video

Best Interior Design

Best Resident DJ

Best Party

Best Sound Product

Best DJ Product

Best Lighting Product

Best Effects Product

Best Video Product

NightStalkers Award

Winners will be determined by an independent panel of expert judgesand will receive their awards at a ceremony held during The Club Show, Club Systems’ first independent exhibition for nightclub professionals, March 26-27, 2003 in Las Vegas. For more information, hit

Meet The Club World Awards’ distinguished panel of judges.

• Dave Audé, Club Rubber, St. Louis/Las Vegas
• Eric Bernstein, Intelligent Lighting Services, Austin
• Steve Levy, Moonshine Music, Los Angeles
• Dawn Batsche, Batsche Designs, Austin
• Ray Jackson, Eastern Continental Lighting & Sound, Pittsburgh
• Dave McComb,, New York
• Mike Milner, Studio 54, Las Vegas
• Jim Tremayne, DJ Times, Port Washington
• Angel Moraes, Stereo, Montreal
• David Waxman, Ultra Records, New York




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