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Would you believe it took me until this year to get a cell phone that did the email thing? And a laptop? I think I was resistant to the idea of constant accessibility. Now I have both: A little orange phone that is neither a ‘Berry nor an i’ (by preference); and an expensive, small VAIO that stays alive for about two hours without a plug. (This is portable?)

It’s been three months, and I haven’t gotten that Corona ad, toss-it-into-the-sea impulse just yet. If anything, these sleek bits of technology have made me relax more. I don’t have to rush from point A to B to be productive anymore; I can set up shop in the betweens. Even the gym locker room or Food Emporium or my parents’ house.

Also contributing to my relative ease as of late are two new additions to the CSI staff. Whitney Casser was the first person I interviewed for our editorial assistant position, and I knew immediately she was the one. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May, where she studied English. We wasted no time pulling her off her academic high horse and casting her into the furious sea of clubland. Whitney’s a great writer, totally hilarious (check out this month’s NightStalkers…wait, did I say that?) and a Manhasset, N.Y. native. She traveled to Boston in early September to cover Avalon’s closing night. Look for that story (her first with a proper byline!) in our December issue.

We’re also thrilled to welcome Phil Moffa to the clan as technical editor. Phil’s an NY-based producer/DJ for whom the language of tech is a native tongue. His Vinyl Life crew has played Pacha, Crobar and every little NY venue in between, and released tracks on Star 69 and Ultra. He’s covering new products for CSI, hitting the trade show trail, and writing profiles for our upcoming “Influencers” special issue.

The old team is still in full effect: Chrissi Mark’s got New York on lockdown, Justin Hampton is holding it together in Cali, and John Landers is riding the South Florida wave.

This month, we’ve got the scoop on LAX, Pure Management’s big new venue at Luxor in Las Vegas, as well as a venue we’ve loved since we first saw the pictures—BoMA, or the Bar Of Modern Art in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve had Columbus natives tell us that this place has changed the meaning of going out since it first opened last year. Read the story; you’ll see why.

We also did some trendspotting and uncovered an interesting one: Green, as in ecologically friendly, nightclubs. If it’s not a philosophy you espouse, it might just be a good marketing angle.

Happy reading,

Kerri Mason


LAX, Las Vegas
A $350 million Extreme Pyramid Makeover comes not a moment too soon for the Luxor, the famed black pyramid at the south end of the Vegas Strip.

The Los Angeles Times recently described the 30-story fantasy casino-hotel as the property that “everyone loved seeing from the outside and few enjoyed being inside.” Originally built in the early ’90s, Luxor achieved instant worldwide fame with its dramatic profile, topped by a searchlight beacon that could be seen 40 miles away...


BoMA, Columbus

So, how are they gonna keep you down in the Midwest after you’ve spent most of the ’80s working the doors and VIP rooms of the most legendary clubs in New York City nightlife? Simple: by preaching the gospel of high-end nightlife straight from the pulpit of a former Baptist church and throwing in seven bars, three sound systems, and two art galleries. And a four-star restaurant while you’re at it.

  West Philadelphia isn’t exactly known for its nightlife, but you’ve gotta give each venue credit for trying. Koko Bongo on Chestnut Street is one of only a few nightclubs and bars in the area to attempt survival.

Nestled between adjoining universities, Koko aims for a college-heavy crowd. With nights like “Thirsty Thursdays,” when drinks are 50 cents, they hit the target. But the club/bar is also in one of Philly’s more dangerous neighborhoods.


  DJ in a pool... rainproof speakers... powered mixers... trade shows unite.



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