The Spin on Spin



Luis Puig's new South Beach spot piggy-backs
on big brother Space.

By Kerri Mason

Luis Puig’s latest South Beach project is Spin, located where dance club 320 once stood. The DJ-centered space is being presented as a pre-dinner mint for the feast that awaits Miami clubbers at downtown after-hours powerhouse Space (also Puig’s). Spin is smaller (but still around 12,000 square feet), with a combo EAW/NEXO speaker system, power from Crest, Elation lighting, and Antari fog, spec-ed, designed, and installed by the boys at Infinite Audio, led by Lord Toussaint.

Since South Beach itself closes around four, when Space, with its coveted 24-hour liquor license, is just barely getting started, Puig has been marketing his two clubs as a package: See the recently erected billboard (shown on the opposit page).

“Spin is a cool room,” says Toussaint. “It’s Luis’ vision – he wanted it to be a place where the DJ matters most. Space is like, acres – with [Spin], you walk in the door and the first thing you see, boom, dead ahead of you, on what used to be a set of grand master staircases, is the booth. The DJ’s at the one end of the room, and everything comes from that. Those master stairs used to flow down into a VIP area; now they flow into the DJ booth. One side of the staircase split is in and out of the DJ booth; the other part is for DJ fans and friends to sit on the steps, and at the base of those steps is the lighting controller. Luis wanted it to be that the DJ would come in and say, ‘I’m in control,’ like an arrowhead. And boy, did he get that.They had Deep Dish in there, and from what I understand at 5:30 am they had to remove people. And at 5:30, Space is barely getting going. You walk into Space at six and it’s perfect; at 7:30 there’s a line.”

Will Spin be able to ride Space’s success, then make its own name? Only cruel Miami time will tell. But for now, the rig looks like this:

6 - EAW Avalon DC2 three-way systems
6 - EAW LA215 two-way systems
4 - EAW Avalon DC3 three-way systems
4 - EAW Avalon DCT1 supertweeter arrays
4 - EAW KF940 super subs
3 - EAW Avalon DCS2 subs
6 - Crest Audio Professional Series 7001 amps
4 - Crest Audio CA12 amps
4 - Crest Audio Professional Series 8001 amps
3 - Crest Audio CA6 amps
2 - Crest Audio Professional Series 9001 amps
4 - NEXO PS8 loudspeakers
4 - NEXO PS15 loudspeakers
1 - NEXO PS8 UTD loudspeaker
1 - NEXO PS15 UTD loudspeaker
2 - XTA DP226 digital processors

3 - Technics SL1200 MKII turntables
1 - Rane MP 2016 rotary mixer
1 - Rane XP 2016 effects module
1 - Denon DN-2600F

8 - American DJ Aquarius II effect lights
2 - Antari Z-300 fazers
8 - Elation Color Spot 250 moving heads
4 - Elation Vision-575 scanners
1 - Elation Joy 300 scanners
1 - Elation Show Designer 2
1 - Elation Automate DMX

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