The Brews, Amman, Jordan
Mid East nightlife; no cable news.


So, your latest business trip takes you to – gasp – the Middle East, of all places. However, your particular destination is Jordan, and here you see a vast contrast to what neighboring areas like Iraq, the West Bank, and Israel are suffering from. While it isn’t quite Beirut, Jordan’s capital city (Amman) has been bustling with life lately, and there are some nice places to go and spend the evening. Connected to the lavish Le Meridien hotel near Amman’s business and shopping district of Shmeisani, the Brews is a genuine local brew pub, the first of its kind in Jordan with a very different offering.

Stalker #1
I’m not a huge beer drinker, but I have to say the Brews is very impressive. The entire place feels authentic, from the elegant woodwork all over the bar to the special beer barrel tables to the rear booths created using inner sections from fermentation tanks. The pub brews its own fresh beer, and the staff is really courteous from the door to the restrooms (yeah, sparkling clean with a doting attendant, how about that!).
The atmosphere is generally very laid back, and the layout of the Brews is nice for all moods. You can relax and dine in the areas near the entrance and at the back, socialize over drinks with friends at the semi-circular bar, or get down and dance in the middle to a DJ or band complete with a screen, projector, and dancefloor cam. Even the stage and the DJ booth are made from the same fermentation tank metal! While I lamented the lack of certain liquors (usually because they are hard to import), the drinks were good and the bar itself was especially clean. Prices were also quite reasonable compared to the US. I’m glad there’s a spot where you can eat, enjoy local and imported beer, have a good cocktail, and party till the wee hours of the morning all at once!

Stalker #2
As a Jordanian who has been overseas for six years, I didn’t know what to expect after returning home. I walked into the Brews and felt like I had been transported. It’s really classy and has a great theme. I like the idea of the brewery “look” all around the bar. While they are not masters at brewing, I tried some of the beer they made there and thought it wasn’t bad for the first brew pub in the country.
There was also a DJ who played a huge variety of tunes. He started off with some great lounge music, and gradually moved it up to house and various flavors of Arabic dancing music. By midnight, the party was in full swing and we were having fun. A popular form of music here is called “Arabic house” and it uses a combination of tribal house beats and traditional Arabic melodies. It’s still evolving so its quality varies from “not-bad” to “so-so.”
Hip-hop and R&B came in after a birthday dedication, and then things got more progressive and tribal. The diversity of the crowd was great: I found a surprising number of people from Europe, North America, and the Far East here. Their receptiveness for so many types of music made for a pleasant evening. Other nights have karaoke, bands, and drink specials, and there is no cover although reservations are required for tables. Overall, the Brews deserves repeated visits and has strong potential.
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