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The excitement bubbles over mur.mur’s dancefloor with a slew of Pulsar ChromaSpheres.

Borgata gets its upscale lounge.
By Kerri Mason

They un-paved a parking lot and put up VIP paradise. As part of a $200-million expansion, three-year-old casino-hotel Borgata extended its building line – yes, right over a car field – and created swinging hotspot mur.mur, Atlantic City’s only bottle service club/lounge, and sister venue to Borgata’s established restaurant/club Mixx.

 “Mixx was created as a high-energy, fun dining experience that transitioned into a dance club,” says Sid Vaikunta, Borgata vice president of marketing. “Now that we had that, we needed a second nightclub experience that worked to be a little bit more intimate; slightly smaller with a different layout, to really step up bottle service.”

 The 8,300-square-foot, 608-capacity rectangular venue resembles others of its type – Light in Las Vegas, Marquee in New York – and its creators admit to being so inspired. “We think there are a lot of people doing this well,” says Vaikunta. Not surprisingly then, mur.mur will primarily feature mash-ups, hip-hop, and rock, and cater to a celeb-dotted clientele. DJ AM (aka Mr. Nicole Richie) even played the July 15 grand opening.

Bottle Friendly by Design
The space has three levels, a walkway surrounding the entire sunken dancefloor, two big bars, a large (but not too tall) DJ booth, and special VIP coves, for those special VIPs. It’s all rendered in rich chocolate and eggplant, with silken leather, plush drapes, and fine wood dominating the design.

“At Mixx,the whole venue is a party,” says director of nightlife marketing Eric Millstein. “At mur.mur, the party will be at your table.”

And you can bet that Millstein will make that table worth every penny of your $600-plus-gratuity. The bottle service maven – who helped launch and still operates Mixx – gets excited by every detail of the process, right down to straw placement. “We’ve thought of everything: How to put the napkins out, the glasses, where the bottles will go, the height of the table, the height of the seats. The tables were custom-designed; they can be danced on. So the bottle experience can be enjoyed as it should be, because it’s an expensive product.” Millstein reports that mur.mur’s 25 tables will be serviced by 12 waitresses and 20 bus boys, a truly customer-friendly ratio.

Systems of a Club
The club/lounge boasts a club-grade sound system – a six-point Funktion-One set-up with MC2 amplification and Biamp processing, “like one-and-a-half Cielos,” says designer Dan Agne of Sound Investment (Cielo, Ice). “The sound is perfect; it couldn’t be any more clear,” praises Millstein. “When I heard it for the first time, I got chills. Every space is warm and enveloping.”

 The highlights of mur.mur’s lighting – and the defining elements of its overall look – are over 50 Pulsar ChromaSpheres, dangling from the ceiling like VIP planets in an upscale solar system. Steve Leiberman of SJ Lighting (crobar, Ice) used both the 300mm and 150mm models of the LED-lit globes, interspersing the sizes for added depth. “It’s a really unique look,” he said. He also designed mur.mur’s dancefloor rig, which features a full range of Martin Professional pieces, including moving lights (MAC 250 Wash, MAC 25 Entour), foggers (Magnum Pro 2000), and strobes (Atomic 3000 DMX).

“People are willing to trade up for proper sound and light, a proper cocktail, and proper service, which we think is as important as it is in any fine restaurant,” says Millstein.

For now, the club will be open Friday, Saturday, and Monday for mur.mur Mondays, Atlantic City’s first industry night. But Borgata staff isn’t the least bit worried that the new hotspot will suck business away from old reliable Mixx. “We sell out bottle service every night at Mixx,” says Millstein. “We feel there’s enough demand that we’ll be able to fill both venues to capacity with bottle service on the weekends. They’ll only complement one another.”

 Because you know what they say: You don’t know what you’ve got, ‘til you’ve got more.

The Borgata.
Tables were custom-designed for dancing on.

Team Mur
Interior Designer:
Dougall Design Associates

Theatrical Consultants:
Auerbach & Associates

Sound & Light Design/Build:
Sound Investment, SJ Lighting,
Philadelphia Sound Productions

For Borgata:
Tom Ballance, senior vice president of development;
Terri Sandland, project manager;
Yates Tishman, CM project manager;
Renzo Maugeri, site supervisor;
Jim Felmina, site supervisor.


Main System
23 - Tannoy TEQ1200 ceiling boxes
23 - Tannoy CMS12 ceiling speakers
17 - MC2 T2000 amplifiers
17 - QSC Audio AD-C52ST ceiling speakers
12 - JBL MS28 two-way speakers
  8 - Funktion-One InfraBass 218 subs
  6 - Funktion-One AX-88 speakers
  4 - Funktion-One F-215 subs
  4 - Funktion-One Minibass 212 subs
  4 - MC2 E45 amplifiers
  4 - MC2 T1000 amplifiers
  2 - Crown Audio CTs 3000 amplifiers
  1 - Crown Audio CTs 600 amplifier

  3 - Allen & Heath Xone:VF-1 analog filters
  3 - Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD players
  3 - Technics SL-1200 turntables
  2 - Funktion-One Microbass 210 subs
  2 - Klark-Teknik DN360 analog graphic EQs
  2 - Lexicon MPX 1 multi-effects processors
  2 - MC2 T1500 amplifiers
  2 - Presonous ACP88 compressor/limiters
  1 - Allen & Heath V6 rotary mixer
  1 - Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer
  1 - dbx DriveRack PA management system
  1 - Dell Precision laptop
  1 - Denon DN-D6000 dual CD player
  1 - Denon DN-D9000 dual CD player
  1 - Funktion-One YU2-K universal yoke
  1 - MC2 T2000 power amplifier
  1 - Rane Serato Scratch LIVE
  1 - Sony MDR-V700 DJ headphones
  1 - Yamaha 01V96V2 CA digital mixer

  2 - Aphex Systems 720 Dominator limiter
  2 - Countryman miniature microphones
  2 - Shure E3 earphones
  2 - Shure P7R wireless bodypack receivers
  2 - Shure P7T wireless transmitters
  2 - Shure U1 wireless handheld microphones
  1 - Shure U4D wireless receiver

358 - Color Kinetics iW Cove Powercore linear LED systems
  29 - Pulsar ChromaSphere 300 RGB LED fixtures
  28 - ETC Source Four PAR cans
  24 - Pulsar ChromaSphere 150 RGB LED fixtures
    8 - Martin Professional MAC 250 Entour
    6 - Martin Professional MAC 250 Wash
    4 - Clay Paky Atlas effect lights
    4 - Doug Fleenor Design optical isolators
    4 - ETC Source Four jr Zoom ellipsoidals
    4 - Martin Professional Atomic 3000 strobes
    4 - Martin Professional Atomic Colors scrollers
    4 - Pulsar ChromaZone12 controllers
    2 - Martin Professional Magnum Pro 2000 foggers
    1 - MA Lighting grandMA Light console
    1 - MA Lighting NSP (Network Signal Processor)
    1 - Pulsar 24550 ChromaZone6 controller


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