Club Eleven50 (Atlanta, Georgia)



Forgetful bartenders can't stop the rock (and hip-hop).

Situated right next to the skyscrapers in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Club Eleven50 brings a varied mixture of people out to dance within its 28,000-square-foot confines. Originally a 1920s theater, the club combines classical structure with high-tech design that boasts plenty of VIP lounges and an outdoor cabana area. The NightStalkers went to the club on New Yearís weekend, just days before it closed for renovations.

Stalker #1
We could have parked for 15 bucks next to the club, but half a block down there was a parking garage for five bucks. It was the night before New Yearís Eve, so we didnít expect a crowd at all. When we got to the door, everyone was really chill. They told us to go up this huge flight of stairs, and from there we entered what could have been the backstage area of an old theater. We headed straight to the bar.

The club is actually an old theater, with the DJ playing onstage. The bar is at the back, about 150 feet away facing the stage. The dancefloor is spread out between the DJ and bar. Most of the bartenders were cool for the most part, but one actually forgot about us, and we had to ask another to make our drinks. That was kind of strange and not exactly the ideal way to start the night off.

Around 11:45, the place filled up very quickly and I have to honestly say I was truly surprised by the diversity of the crowd. It was packed with everyone from ravers with glowsticks, to mid-30s emo heads. The DJ on the main floor was really good, playing an eclectic style of music and everyone was really getting into the groove. However, my drink was almost done, so I went to the back room where a second DJ was playing chill house. A few drinks later it was back to the main room for what ended up being a great night.

Stalker #2
My buddy dragged me to this club, and I hate long lines and loud dance music. So when I walked in to the sounds of Outkast, Run DMC, and Jay-Z, to say I was surprised is an understatement. This main room was massive, with VIP areas on both sides and the DJ up onstage in what seemed like an old opera house. In the front of the stage were two big black boxes where two hot dancers in these crazy leather outfits danced for I donít know how many hours in a row. After about an hour and a half, my buddy wanted to go to the other room: it was chill, with a kind of black and white vibe to it. But it was all house music, so when he said he was ready to go back to the main room, I was ready to rock out. I think we stayed until two, and it was still really packed; everyone was really just getting after it on the dancefloor. It was an overall good night; I had a surprisingly good time.

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